Thursday, May 7, 2009


I'm going to SOAR (Spin Off's Autum Retreat). I was able to register for classes today. I got all the retreat sessions I wanted but am on a waiting list for my workshop session.

I don't understand how the sessions were all filled when I logged on right at 10am (1pm EST). It is very frustrating. I guess the old timers, folks with 10 or more years, were able to register two weeks ago and they took all the spaces. I thought the new registration system was suppose to make thing easier and more fair. You know first come first served.

Oh well. At the very least I'll be surounded by like minded folks for a week.


  1. I thought about going to SOAR, but decided on BSG instead; if you know anyone that wants to go, I would be happy to split costs :)

  2. I'm glad to see your presence - 'bout time!