Monday, June 29, 2009

Jonathan Coulton

My friend Nancy turned me on to this amazing artist. I just love his stuff. You can hear it here, or watch a couple of great youtube videos, or this one .

I've been listening to the rest of his stuff. It's funny in a twisted way.

Where did June go?

Lot's of stuff has been going on in the last three weeks. A broom making class, Black Sheep Gathering, leather working class, weaving study group and the nephew's 7th birthday. Where did June go?

More on the classes later.

Sunday we had the best party we've to date. We celebrates my nephew's 7th birthday. We had 12 adults and 5 kids. With the new patio Mike installed we had plenty of room to seat all at tables. A good time was had by all. I was having too much fun to take any pictures. His other Grandma took some and I hope to get copies. My youngest brother brought the youngest member and was commenting that she's started eating solid food. I looked at him funny then realized she 6 months now. My how the time flyes.

Next up capming for the fourth.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Good news Friday

First the good news, thanks to all the hard work by the folks at the Sock Summit I have classes. No the ones that got lost and not all the ones on my wish list but a good round of classes. Portland here we come.

Next week I am headed to The Black Sheep Gathering in Eugene, OR. I went once before and had a great time. I was looking for someone to ride up with me but no such luck. I guess I'm on my own.

Last weeks rain has done wonders with the NNV landscape. The hills are alive with a blush of green.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Girlie days and a rant

Some times I hate being a girl. It's that time of the month and I'm bloated and cranky and just want to go back to bed. I am also more fragile at this time. I feel lonely, needy and vulnerable. I would just love to be wrapped in the loving hugs of my Aunt Grace. She was the best. If you felt down she'd hold you in her lap and rock you and hum a nameless tune that was so comforting.

Warning a rant coming on here, you might want to pass on.

I knew that the Sock Summit was going to be trouble. I mean looking who was putting it on, Stephanie the Yarn Harlot and Tina from Blue Moon Fiber Arts. Looking who was teaching Cat Bordhi, Judith MacKenzie-McCuin, Cookie A. and Barbara Walker, just to name a few. Look where it is going being held Portland, Oregon, a beautiful city. Their blog said that they had a interest list of over 11,000.

I knew that getting the classes I wanted was going to be hard but I didn't know that even after struggling to get on, to get something I could live with and getting charged, that I would end up with nothing. I am one of those folks whose registration was wiped out during the server crash.

Of classes I had signed up for, two were my first choice, two were my 2nd choice and two were just bad choices. I figured I just wait a few days/weeks for the dust to settle and see if I could trade the last two for better choices. When I didn't get my confirmation e-mail I sent them a note. A few days later I sent another note. A few days after that I got an e-mail from Stephanie herself. I had hope. They couldn't find my registration but they would do something. They would make it right.

Yesterday I got a phone call, they offered me one class for my original list, Sock Exotica: Silk, Cashmere, and Friends on Sunday. That's it. Not worth the flight, hotel room, not to mention what to do from Wednesday til Sunday mornings class. Can't even go to any of the night time events, they are all sold out.

They did try to offer me other classes, My first sock, Crochet 101, Spindling 101, Getting out of a Mess. All things I already know how to do and some I teach. Sorry not interested in the slightest.

All of the time I spent, trying to schedule time off from work, finding things for my husband to do while I was in class, the new traveling wheel I bought so that I could take it on the plane for my three spinning classes, wasted.

I know life's not fair and bad things happen to good people and there a long list of people like me who were screwed by a server malfunction. I am also human and can't help but feel disappointed, sad, angry and hurt.