Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I thought I'd would have posted more but I didn't.

It also doesn't help when you forget your login and password. I have too many options. It used to be easier. One login one password for all my stuff but now a days some want a whole login, some only want a partial. Some want a very special login. Passwords vary in size from 4 to 8. It get so confusing.

The weathers been unstable this week. One day it's nice and the next it not. Winters not done with us yet but I can feel the change coming on.
Saturday Hubbie and I went up to the Lake (Tahoe that is.) We were headed for North Star but it was too crowded. They were redirecting parking way down the hill. We ended up at a beautiful little place called Gar Woods on the North Shore. Nice place and the weather was just right to sit out on the deck.

Sunday we watch the Oscars with my sister. Not a bad show. I like Hugh Jackman.

Friday, February 6, 2009

115 Days to go

Well it's Friday folks and I've made it through the week on the new schedule just fine. I really like having the morning time to do what I like when I like. I admit that I haven't done as much on my to-do list as I thought I would but that's ok. There's always next week.

Next week figure out how to put pictures into this thing. I thinks pictures really make a blog don't you?

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Not so much going on

It's the third day of my new work schedule and there's not so much going on, yet. I've been documenting all of the new stuff I've been learning so the in two years when we do this again I'll have some reminders of what I did instead of the wonderful blank look I'm know for.

It's kind of fun having time off in the middle of the day to do things. I've taken the dog for a walk every morning. I went knitting with a friend. I've been spinning and doing chores. It's a very different too. I was going to go for a pedicure Saturday after knitting but then thought I couldn't because I had made plans, then blamo it hit me, go get that pedicure Friday instead. So I am.

The weather's been warm here. Too warm. I'm seeing all kinds of plants starting to green up. I'm sad because I know there will be a cold snap and that will kill all the potential new growth. I'm also sad because the water situation around here will be really bad come summer.