Monday, May 24, 2010

Another great weekend

What makes a great weekend? Hanging out with your best friends, some of which you didn't know before you got there. That right folks it was the first annual Spindling Retreat. Sorry no pictures, I forgot my camera.

Mike and I loaded up Friday morning and took off about 9:30. Because we were driving our VW camper van, we decided to take a slightly longer route. If you've been driven or been behind a VW camper van, you know its great on the flats and the downhill but murder on the up hill parts so we took a route a little less traveled. Anyway we decided to take 80 from Reno to Truckee, 89 from Truckee to Sierraville and 49 to Dobbins/Lake Francis. We left early because we weren't sure how long it would take and we wanted to be able to stop along the way. It was a beautiful drive. Lots of wildflowers and wonderful greens. I was surprised and the amount of snow still up there.

We pulled into the camp ground 1:00 and the nice people at Lake Francis let us go on up to our site and set up. The others started coming in about 3:30. It was great to meet some many wonderful people that I knew from association.

Friday's pot luck was great and I have to thank my sister for baking me a Tres Leche Cake for me to bring. It was so good and everyone wanted the recipe.

The weather was so changing as it can be this time of the year in the Sierras. Sunny and warm to windy and cold. Dry and cloudy to rainy and sunshine. If you wanted some different weather wise all you had to do was wait 10-15 minute.

I was finally able to see Amy's trailer first hand and man is it beautiful.

We had a a rather large cloud burst Saturday afternoon/evening. It was quite comical scrambling to get all the equipment under the easy-up and then dumping the water out of the tent so that it didn't leak or fall in. We were passing the stick part of my noddy-noddy around to poke up the places were the water would gather.

Mike was a true trooper making lunch and dinner for me so I could hang out with everyone.
Even Cino had a good time. She slept al the way home.

As we were packing up to leave there was talk of next years event. We even scouted around to see if there was even better spaces with in the park for us.


  1. It was wonderful, rain and all. Speaking of which, it's raining now. I look forward to next year!

  2. I am so glad you came and that I got to meet you! Also, that you had such a great time:)