Monday, May 3, 2010

Decadance is...

Having your favorite hair dresser over for dinner and he insists on cutting your hair.
Our friend "Hair*" Michael was in town for a party my friend Lisa was having on Saturday. Lisa always has a Kentucky Derby Day party since she from Louisville. The party is always a blast. Lots of great food and fun people. There a $2 pot and a $1 pot that you can get in on. It strictly be chance, you pays your money and draw a name out of the hat. Mike and I won both pots, having drawn the winning horse, Super Saver. Lisa also made a real bet and won as well.

On Sunday, "Hair" Michael, "Photo" Michael (My husband), and my sister, Gretchen, went out to Lake Pyramid for a walk. "Hair" Michael had never been there and was blown away by the serenity of the place. They all came back to our house to hang out until dinner. My Mike cooked a great meal of bbq'd tri tip and grilled veggies. Lisa and her Mike joined us as well. A good time was had by all.

* There are way to many "Michael's" in our group. We've had to come up with a way to distinguish which one you are talking about. Hence "Hair" Michael or Heidi's Michael or Lisa's Michael.
From left ot right; "Hair" Michael, "Photo" Michael, Lisa, Gretchen, and "Survey" Michael.

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