Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Holiday weekends are wonderful

I just love holiday weekends. I do manage to get a lot done without feeling like I've run myself ragged.

I managed to paint another wall.

It was the one with the most stuff on it. That's two down with two to go. The others should be a breeze.

It was also a good time to clean out the files and get ready for tax time.

I also went out to Linda L.s for our weaving study group. She lives out in Stagecoach which is a bit of a drive. Nancy was the only other one to show up so it was nice to just sit and talk. I took my ridge heddle loom with me. I bought some more storage bobbing from Nancy so I could clean off my spinning bobbins. It felt good to do that. Now I just need to set aside some time to ply.

Sunday we went to my nieces birthday party. She's 10 now. Gosh she's growing up so fast.

Monday I plied. I have so much that is in single form that is waiting to be yarn. I also got all the laundry done and vacuumed up the basement.

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