Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New for the new year

I'm not very much of a make-up kind of gal but when my sister in law went to work for this company, Bare Escentuals, I just had to see what was new and boy do I like what I see.

I had used this product years ago when it first came out and I like the results but not enough to wear it every day. I liked the fact that it was a mineral powder that doesn't clog you pores. You can sleep in it and not wake up the next day looking like cement face. It has a SPF of 15 which makes it nice that you don't need a separate sun screen. I don't like most sun screens for the face cause they are greasy. Even the ones just for the face.

What I didn't like was the foundation color was a little off. I felt I looked a little too pinkie.
They fixed that little problem. I just love it now. It is so easy to put on. It takes seconds. I don't even look like I have anything on. Just me only better.

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