Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Vacation part 2, Or What I learned at Sock Summit 2009

Mix together two amazing women with a dream, a dream team to back them up, 40 teachers who believe in the dream, 153 vendors who support the dream, 1800 student who want the dream and what do you get? An amazing event called Sock Summit 2009 in a magical place called OZ. Ok, it's not OZ but pretty damn close. Portland Oregon is very beautiful and has lots to do and see.

It seemed to me that from the first day to the last everyone I meet had a silly grin. There was a warm aura and a sense of happy urgency.

I learned that even after many weeks of sleep deprivation, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee is very charming and funny and talented.

I learned that to be able to indulge in this hobby (read obsession) for the rest of my life, I have to take care of my body. Thanks Carson.

I learned that sock don't have to be knit top down or toe up, they can go side to side.

I learned that Cat Bordhi's mind work way differently that mine. She just blows me away.

I learned that if I didn't have a house to pay for, and a husband and animals who depend on me, I'd run away to live with Judith MacKenzie.

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