Monday, August 24, 2009

The perfect weekend

What makes a perfect weekend you might ask. One in which all things come together. I stayed home most of the time and was able to get stuff done. Not big projects but little things. I had a towel that need to be re hemmed for about a year and as I was folding it up to put it away, I said to my self, Lets fix this darn thing, and gosh golly ge wiz I did. It took all of 30 seconds. No fuss no muss just done.

A few weeks ago, last time it was cool enough the stand being outside, I started the project of racking the back yard. This is a big deal because first I have 15 large, 40+ elm trees. They shed their leaves and twigs like a dog sheds hair only they're bigger and there's more of them. Second this yard has been neglected for about 30 years and we are working slowly to reclaim it. In some places the leaves had not been picked up for years. Any way, I'd rack up a bag of stuff, have a beer, rack up another bag, cool off in the pool, rack up another bag, take a nap. On and on it went. Not fast just steady. I am proud to announce 10 bags of stuff raked up and ready for garbage day. I just wish there was some other place to take this stuff other than a land fill. It would make great compost. It's just more than I can handle in my small garden bed.

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