Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Vacation Part 1

Here is a link to the pictures from the first part of our vacation.

We started our trip with breakfast at Joe's dinner in Reno. We hadn't eaten here yet. The food is hearty. Our first stop on this trip was to an over look just north of Sand Harbor, on Lake Tahoe. I just love how beautiful the lake is. We then rode on, around the lake, down 89 and over to Markleville. From there we hooked up with US395 down to Lee Vining and Mono Lake.

Tuesday Morning, bright and early we rode 120, Tioga Pass, into Yosemite. I had so much fun taking pictures from the back of the bike, hence most of the names on the pictures "View from the back." We wondered down into the valley and had lunch at Yosemite Village. After that we headed for Sonora. After the coolness of Yosemite it was a shock to come out the other side. It was so hot the Mike had to put on gloves to protect him hand from the heat coming up from the asphalt.

We stayed in the best hotel in Sonora, The Gunn House. It had a neat pool area and the room was cute and the price couldn't be beat. It was also Mike's 50th birthday. After dinner we wondered around town and happened upon a wine bar. After we sat down we noticed that it had a strange flavor. Turns out that that particular night was a singles night, with many people .

Mike told me about it as we left. No wonder we were getting strange looks. We were to only married couple there.

Wednesday we took off and headed north. We took off the beaten track called Parrots Ferry Road. I was a little worried because there wasn't a lot of traffic, nor were there many homes. If something happened It would be a while before we could get to help. Nothing happened and we saw some beautiful country. One of the stops of the day was in a little town called Murphys. I guess that it is in the heart of a wine making district because there are a lot of wineries around. We stopped at a few and walked through down town. It's amazing how many micro climates there are 3 to 4 hours away from here there are.

We stopped for the day in Placerville. We've been here before and Mike was such a sweetie he dropped my off at Lofty Lou's for a little knitting time. Turns out that the woman who runs the shop on Wednesdays also travels to Ren Faires and sell soaps and lotion and the like. I had even bought some of her products the last time I was at the Vallhalla Ren Fair. Small world.

Thursday morning we decided that we had had enough time in the saddle and wanted to head for home by way of Wrights Lake. It's a beautiful place up off of 50.

Back up 89, around Tahoe again and on to home. Just in time to get in the pool for we were hot and tired and ready to be home.

Next post, vacation part 2 Sock Summit in Portland, OR.

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  1. For some inexplicable reason, I cant comment on your most recent post! So you get it here lol
    Isnt it funny how we put things off only to finally realize how stupidly simple it would have been to just do it! Thus the subject of my most recent post :)