Monday, January 3, 2011

Hello 2011

... and good bye to 2010.
It's funny to be here on the first Monday of a new year, checking in on all my friends in blogland, and the one thing that seem to be consistent is that every one is glad 2010 in over. It seems like just about everyone I know took a beating 2010. Some lost jobs, some found jobs that were not as good as the ones they lost; some lost family, some spent way too much time in a doctors office, hospital or at the vet. We had to get a new-to-us car then had to spend more to fix it.

Here's to a better year for us all.

One a better note. We took the puppies on their first trips to a couple of the local dog parks. They did very well. Shayla's a bit shy and doesn't like to more enthusiastic dogs but did get plenty of run and play time.
They also got to go on their first visit to someone else home. They did just great. They didn't have any problems the other dog or the cat. When they were tired they found a place to crash. And no accidents. If this keeps up we will have a pair of great dogs.

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  1. Yeah, I'm kinda glad 2010 is over myself, the last month of it just about killed me.