Thursday, September 30, 2010

OFFF-Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival

This last weekend we needed to go up and visit Mike's folks and it just happened to be the same weekend as the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival in Canby Oregon.
I hadn't made it to OFFF yet so I was glad to get a chance. Last time I was in Oregon, for Black Sheep, it was cold so this time I brought cold weather clothes. Saturdays weather was sunny and humid which made for some hot weather. I was very over dressed.
I love this whole fiber festival thing. One gets to see friends from far and wide. The first friend I got to see was Linda.It was sure a surprise to see her. She's living up in Kelso Wash. and came down for the day. It great to see her so happy.
There were lots of vendors and sheep and people. I had a great time.
Sunday the weather changed a lot. It was rainy and drizzle all day but it wasn't cold. In fact despite the rain it was quite nice. Too bad for the vendors the turn out wasn't as good as Saturday.

I'd like to give a shout out to the PDX knit Bloggers and Duffy of the Portland Spinnerati for giving me a place to hang out Sunday. It was fun to see/meet people I only see at Black Sheep Gathering.

Of course my friend Morgaine of Carolina Homespun was there. I always get a kick to see her. She was a great mentor when I learned to spin and is always a wonderful resource.


  1. I had a chance to go, but didn't. We went camping instead, we had a blast and I'm glad we did, but I sure wish it would have been a different weekend :)
    I miss Linda, as always, since we've never lived close, she always gives me a boost for some reason!

  2. Linda does look happy. Funny about that Oregon weather. I have your same experience with two years of BSG - one never knows.