Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Not so much going on

It's the third day of my new work schedule and there's not so much going on, yet. I've been documenting all of the new stuff I've been learning so the in two years when we do this again I'll have some reminders of what I did instead of the wonderful blank look I'm know for.

It's kind of fun having time off in the middle of the day to do things. I've taken the dog for a walk every morning. I went knitting with a friend. I've been spinning and doing chores. It's a very different too. I was going to go for a pedicure Saturday after knitting but then thought I couldn't because I had made plans, then blamo it hit me, go get that pedicure Friday instead. So I am.

The weather's been warm here. Too warm. I'm seeing all kinds of plants starting to green up. I'm sad because I know there will be a cold snap and that will kill all the potential new growth. I'm also sad because the water situation around here will be really bad come summer.

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