Tuesday, March 27, 2012

It's amazing when ...

As a hand spinner I love to make yarn but many times once the yarn is finished there is a period of "What's next?" It's not often I find a pattern that fits without some major tweaking but I did. While reading the fall addition of Spinknit I stumbled onto Sara Lambs Copper Cowl.
At first when I looked at the project I thought, I'll be dammed, I just spun up some yarn in that color. Then I looked the project notes and saw that she used pygora as did I. I had spun about 250 yards of 2 ply lace weight pygora-silk in the same color last fall.
I started this project last Tuesday and am just about done.

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  1. Lovely!! How cool to have both spun the yarn AND knit the cowl. Be PROUD! :D