Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Classes, Study groups and sheep

June was highlighted by a lot of learning.

On the 6th, I took a Broom making class by Mark Pietz through the Great Basin Basket Makers Guild. We learned a bit about this history of broom making and then got down to business. In the morning we learned how to make a pot scrubber, a whisk broom and a cob webber (kind of a small witches broom.) With each project we learned a new skill. The scrubber, stitching; the whisk broom, layering and weaving and using a broom box; the cob webber adding a handle.

In the afternoon we put it all together and made a 48" sewn flat broom. I was really impressed with the amount of craftsmanship that went in to such a common item. Brooms were once made to order by traveling ex-sailors. Then in factories that employed the blind. There used to be fields of corn broom material. Not so much any more. Now most are made of plastic and come from over seas. Kind of sad really.

On the 19th I drove to Eugene, OR for the Black Sheep Gathering. I had a ball. I was able to hook up with my friends from the Spindles and Flyers Guild. It's a tradition with them to camp on site. I ate, I drank, I spun, and it was good. I had invite a few others to come with me but they could so I took my Sock monkey around to see what we could see. We shopped and hugged lots of people and looked at some great sheep.

A few months back I found a leather kit from Tandy Leather for my IPhone. Since I hadn't worked leather for many years I thought it would be a good idea to take a class or two to get my skills back up. Fortunately the Tandy Leather store in Reno has drop in classes on Thursdays and Saturdays.

Last Saturday our Guilds Weaving Study group met at Marilyn's house. We watched as Nancy put the warp on her loom with a warping wheel. It's this big drum that applies tension to the warp as you wind it on. Marilyn shown us how the computer helps her with the harnesses. I final finished dressing my loom. It felt good to get this done. Now All I have to do is fine some time to weave.


  1. I always come to your blog when you post, I am a 'follower' lol not to be confused with a stalker...
    Im glad you got to go to BSG, I am going to save my yarn money and go in September to OFF. Hoping someone will want to go along but not counting on it. My BD is right around there too, so maybe I can justify spending incredible amounts of money while there LOL

  2. Hi, just found your blog on Becky's. It takes me awhile to catch on some times! See you this weekend, and do camp out here if you can.